‘Man Of God’ Please Stop Using The Pulpit To Divide Liberians  

THERE IS A new wave of politicking taking a toll on our democratic discourses wherein people, including personalities who are supposed to be revered Men of God, take to the pulpit to spew jabs and political rhetoric.

A SIMILAR SITUATION raised its ugly head recently at the sixth and final session of the 54th National Legislature, which took place on Monday, January 16, when the Chaplain General of the Liberian Senate, Rev. Michael Holder mounted the pulpit, with the intention of delivering a sermon, only to spew ‘Tabata”, targeting an opposition leader.

THE SENATE CHAPLAIN who claimed to have been wrestling in prayer with God lately on behalf of the nation, praying for the country against war, preached on the theme, “God is Able” with text coming from the Matthew 16:2 – 3.

REV. HOLDER STARTED his teaching by quickly reminding Liberians about the brutal civil war that nearly decimated our entire country, and how quickly Liberians seem to have forgotten that divisiveness had caused us so much.

HOWEVER, TOWARD THE end of his sermon, the preacher man seemed to wage a direct attack against opposition and Unity Party leader, former Vice President Joseph Boakai.

HOLDER IN A rather serious religious prophecy disclosed that God has revealed to him that the political leader of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) and former Liberian Vice President, Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai will no win the pending October 2023 elections due to his stinginess, and his refusal to share with others.

WHAT IS MORE concerning is the level of divisiveness being promoted in this “sermon” especially as we go towards a very serious national event, the 2023 legislative and presidential elections.

THE ACT of using the Church, especially the pulpit, as an opportune position to get back at perceived opponents is not only disingenuous, but also grossly disrespectful to the sanctity of the Church and the pulpit, but more importantly to God whose unabridged word (the Holy Bible) is usually used as a shield in the process.

Religious clerics and others need to desist from this undemocratic and unpatriotic, but more so unholy practice of using the revere pulpit of Churches to settle scores with perceived opponents or rivals.

AS WE CLOSE in on October 10, 2023, the debates will no doubt become toxic, and this is the spirit of democracy. But one thing that all sides to the political divide should try and learn to cultivate is the fear of the Lord, for according to the Bible, “This is the beginning of wisdom.”

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