As Liberians Gradually Draw Closer To October 10, Peaceful Election Must Be Everyone Call

DESPITE OUR UNFOLDING political drama which will have the potential grounds to divide us as a nation and citizens and possibly create hatred amongst us must be resisted during these elections are all cost and forgo those things that will bring about dis-unity as a nation and citizens.

CASTIGATING EACH OTHER on social media and other media outlets ahead of these elections must be discouraged by all well-meaning patriotic Liberians, the preaching of peace messages on these platforms by our political actors must be encouraged by all well-meaning Liberians.

THIS UPCOMING ELECTORAL process should not be considered as a ‘Battle Ground’ to engage in words that will be divide our country, Liberia is all we have as Liberians we must preserve its civility as Africa’s oldest Republic, when these things are done the country’s founding fathers who have gone will be glad in the bosom of our father (God) in paradise.

AGAIN, WE URGE all Liberians to be peaceful during these upcoming elections, October 10, 2023 will come and go, Liberia will always be here as our beloved country.

LET US EMBRACE each other as Liberians during these elections; be it from the ruling establishment or the opposition political parties, our religious leaders must take the lead to use their various pulpits to deliver messages of peace ahead of these elections.

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