ECOWAS To Introduce ‘Stabilization Fund’ In Liberia

The Principal Program Officer to the Vice President of the ECOWAS Commission, Mam Cherno Jallow, has disclosed the Commission plans to introduce the “ECOWAS Stabilization Fund” and other development programs in Liberia.

Jallow in an interview with a local radio Tuesday said the stabilization fund, among other things, seeks to create jobs for the youths of the country.

According to Jallow, the fund will cover post-Ebola countries because the economies of these countries were affected by the pandemic and there is need for something to be done to improve the living standard of the people in these areas.

“Government authorities in the four member states that were affected by the Ebola pandemic will identify their priority areas, and with that, we will see what we can do to put in place intervention measures that would help create job opportunities for youths,” Jallow stated.

“We are also mindful of the fact that youths in these affected members states need capacity building, which is very important and we intend to address that, because if we create job opportunities without the people having knowledge of what they are about to do, it will be like we still have not solved the problem,” Jallow added.

The “ECOWAS Stabilization Fund’ was first introduced in The Gambia in 2016 after a difficult transition period and some of the citizens of the country were migrating to Europe in search of better life.

“The ECOWAS Commission has thought it wise to establish the stabilization fund to help create job opportunities for their own citizens,” Jallow stated.

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