ECOWAS Parliament members tour Western Liberia …as Representative Snowe raps on sustainable peace in the sub region

Bomi county Representative says sustainable peace in the West African Sub region is vital for the growth and development of member’s states and their respective citizenry.

Representative Snowe who heads the Liberian delegation to the ECOWAS Parliament called for more consented efforts across the region in the spirit of peace, something he observed is paramount to security.

He pointed that peace remains a strategic pillar for reconciliation, development and continuous co-existence of people from different backgrounds that must be embraced at all times.


Representative Snowe expressed delight that the sub region is more peaceful and democratic compare to ten or fifteen years ago when former heads of state undermine peace and stability in the region.

The Bomi lawmaker spoke when he took a team of ECOWAS Parliament members on a guided tour of his Pumah Farm in Weakama, Senjeh district in Western Liberia.

The tour came a day after the just ended Delocalized ECOWAS Parliament meeting hosted in the Liberian capital Monrovia.

Representative Snowe said the tour was in the right direction intended to take ECOWAS to the people regardless of location and condition.

“We represent our various countries and constituencies, so it is prudent to reach out to the people and make them feel a part of the regional body”, Representative Snowe noted.


Representative Snowe intimated that he is of the conviction that governments in the region and beyond will continue to work tirelessly to maintain peace and stability.

The team included members from Gambia, Ivory Coast, the Chairman on Communication and neighboring Sierra Leone among others.

The ECOWAS members toured the facility of Pumah Farm and Radio as well as Representative Snowe’s district in Tubmanburg, Bomi County with interaction with some locals.

Also speaking with journalists during the tour, a member of the ECOWAS Parliament Shiaka Musa stressed integration among member states, noting it remains a key force to transform the West African sub region and its people.

Parliamentarian Sama believes increased integration among members states of the ECOWAS will boost economic growth and improve the living standard of people.

Sama who represents constituency 104 Bujehun district in neighboring Sierra Leone said the region’s development will be fast rack with integration.

Parliamentarian Sama noted the continent has a common history before it divided by colonialism and must continue to embrace its African solidarity.

He noted with the abundance of natural resources the sub region and the continent experience mutual benefits for countries and respective their peoples.

The Parliamentarian spoke at the weekend during a tour by a team of ECOWAS members on Pumah Farm, property of Representative Edwin Snowe in Senjeh district, Bomi County.

The independent ECOWAS Parliament member recounted the interventions of countries during civil conflicts over the years.

He added that sharing resources and information can significantly contribute to the development of lives across the West African sub region.

For her part, a member of the Women Wing at the ECOWAS Parliament launched an appeal to Liberians to vote more female lawmakers in ensuing elections.

Fatoumata Njai said women are vital part of decision making in any nation and must not overlooked in any form and manner.

Parliamentarian Njai said women representation must be prioritized stressing low inclusion remains a major challenge across the Africa continent.

She named increased female participation in politics to ensure significant representation at the parliaments and other levels of decision making.

Njai called for the more female Legislators stressing the thirty percent representation.

She wants Liberia, Gambia and other African countries to follow Senegal which has the highest number the female parliamentarians, while recognizing some of the factors for low representation.

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