Liberia's president-elect Joseph Boakai attends his swearing-in ceremony in Monrovia on January 22, 2024 (Photo credit: Reuters)

‘Dua-zert’ Regime?

-Confronted With A Difficult ‘Needle’ To Thread

By: Gus D. Jaeploe |

The unfolding political turbulence eclipsing with massive immensity of darts piercing and stoking every step of the leadership of President Joseph N. Boakai, is now rapidly reinventing the people’s passion for the governing style with dwindling hope and handicapped reliability, thereby dubbing it as a Dua-zert (defective) regime, chronically struggling and heavily confronted with a difficult ‘needle’ to thread.

In a survey conducted in Monrovia and some counties by extension via mobile phone connection with our stringers, it was established that President Boakai’s feet are far from the  peddle that speeds up the vehicle expected to be moving faster and  independently without all the political elementary mistakes rooted in grim flaws.

It was also registered that President Boakai is leading from the back seat, choked with great fear to do what he has promised to do during his campaign trail, for fear of stepping on precious toes that either made him or deeply obligated to appeasing them to avoid being cowed.

According to the survey, based on some harbored and unexplained fear by President Boakai that he is unable to openly tell the people, is rapidly eroding the trust, inspiration to lead and deliver promptly to them, the most needed goods and services promised; and gravely saddled with not debunking wailing headlines and stories of him drifting from policy pronouncement, especially with emphasis on the establishment of a War Crime and Economic Courts in the country as fiercely opposed to by some so-called political heavyweights.

However, profound massive flow of stories simmering from the political orbit of President Boakai’s leadership over loaded with grim flaws, pathetically heart breaking and sadly frustrating for all those who supported the leader, believing the positive change long craved for, would certainly be produced by him based on the heavily-seated trust and confidence reposed in him due to his character and longevity in public service, the survey gathered.

Moreover, the survey also established that barely close to the first 90-100-day in authority, the measurement of the assessment of the administration’s performance and function as a sad, heart breaking and no different from the past that remaining vaguely bleak and opaque, based on some portrayed factors.

In their evaluation of the man, President Boakai; most people spoken with expressed total shock and disdain regarding all the weak negatives attending his reign so early,  showing that he’s no longer at ease, being, and appearing internally coerced to cave into some non-elected presidential gravity breeder who is consistently overweighing President Boakai’s constitutional  mandate being subdued by such whim; is  becoming glaringly rapid that  he is proving not to be his own man in complete charge, control and take full responsibility .

According to the survey, Chief Executive Boakai is now in a very  early morning political trouble; saddled with re-inventing his bruised kudos while thoroughly savaging his administration’s political leadership spreadsheet and see for himself as a mirror, where does he stand, and just what he is sincerely doing as a man of his words.

Quite frankly, the survey noted that people are in the state of early fatigue, and also in the state of shock, disappointment; not elevated the least, as President Boakai drives the “national vehicle” in a very complicated mode wherein, second thought talk is beginning to start looming in the hearts of those who expected a total break from the past with positive setting in its place.

Again, the people asked; from the survey, what is Boakai’s fear? What could be Boakai’s stumbling-block to fearlessly, and independently conduct his mandate on his campaign promises? Just why and what‘s going on?

In the survey, most people pointed out that if Liberia does not change for the better under Boakai, the people must just leave their hope of precious change and aspirations with God the Almighty, adding, this is the time and moment to turn Liberia around and put it on the right trajectory. For now, Liberia is pathetically roaming in the mishaps corridors and is gradually sliding in a serious deplorable Dua-zert (defective) leadership wigglering in a quagmire.

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