Dr. James Kollie Cleared Off GOL Corruption Indictment List –Says Solicitor General

Dr. James Kollie

The Government of Liberia through the office of the Solicitor General has cleared Dr. James F. Kollie off a recently released indictment list of former and current government officials.

Cllr. Saymah Syrenius Cephas, Solicitor General of Liberia speaking at the Ministry of information weekly press briefing on Thursday said, Dr. Kollie who is current Commissioner of Maritime is not a person of interest anymore, as was previously stated.

SG Cephas said, the list is in three folds. The first segment, he said, has to do with investigative reports, while the other has to do with the GAC report. Cllr. Cephas said, all those who are listed under the GAC report are considered “persons of interest.”

The Solicitor General further said, a person of interest is not a criminal, but based on results from interviews conducted with a person, he or she may be considered a suspect, forwarded to the police, and during investigation will be called an accused, indicted and forwarded to court.

“The last group of people who were listed in the report are people who were to assist us or afford us a clear understanding on how other investigations, for instance, we acquired US$100 million in which there was never any Senate ratification as required by the Liberian constitution.”

“In that category, there was a name of one Dr. James Kollie. Dr. James Kollie is not a person of interest. Lewis G. Brown is a person of interest,” Solicitor General Cephas added.

Originally, Cllr. Cephas’ indictment list placed Dr. James Kollie name under a US$13 million EU grant to Liberia health sector recovery post Ebola, a move that received criticisms from all sectors of the Liberian society. Dr. Kollie communicated with the SG office demanding answers since he was never invited to answer to any audit.

Following his placement of the list, Dr. Kollie seriously took issue with the SG demanding clarification as how his name was listed as those to be indicted.

Sources closed to the LMA boss told reporters that he is unsatisfied with the manner in which Cllr. Cephas has branded his image in the last few weeks. The Liberian Billboard was also informed that Dr. Kollie is not satisfied with Dr. Cephas explanation at MICAT on Thursday and wants further clarity.

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