Dr. C. Nelson Oyniyama Commissioned As Ukrainian Consulate To Liberia

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The Ukrainian government has finally opened its consulate in Liberia with commissioning of Dr. C. Nelson Oyniyama, a successful Liberian businessman who is also the Chief Executive Officer of the Monrovia Breweries.

The European nation on Friday, February 8, commissioned businessman C. Nelson Oyniyama as its Honorary Consul of Ukraine to Liberia at a well-attended program with Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor gracing the ceremony.

According to Charuk Siafa, Director and Commercial Section of Ukrainian Embassy in Senegal, between 2017- 2018, the export of Ukraine to Liberia increased by 367.6% from US$23.2 to US$77.33 million while import decreased by 92.2% from US$1.5 million to US$0.12 million compared to the respective period of the previous year.

He added that the structure of export between Ukraine and Liberia in 2018 was 94.5%, as milk,  dairy, eggs and 3.8% and honey while imports was  natural rubber.

For his part, the Chargé d’Affaires of the embassy of Ukraine in Senegal, Anton Barabulia, who performed the Commissioning ceremony, believed that with the presence of a consulate in Liberia, two-way trade and economic, commercial and investment relationship amongst other things have much potential and will grow substantially between the two nations.

Photo credit: FPA

He asserted that the commissioning of Mr. Oniyama is to strengthen the already courteous relationship between both countries.

“I am confident we have important topics on the table especially in the area of trade and economy and our country looks forward to strengthening the relationship, “he said.

The Ukrainian Chargé d’Affaires also stated that there are several sectors in Liberia that need improvement including health, electricity, road, education and agriculture.

He further said that private sector development will be essential and companies from Ukraine are willing to do business in Liberia, which will create more jobs for the unemployed population.

Barabulia urged Oniyama to used his new portfolio to strengthen the relationship between Liberia and Ukraine.

Dr. Oniyama after his commissioning ceremony said his new position is a milestone making a major chapter in the development of Ukraine-Liberia relations and Ukrainian engagement in the West African region.

“This occasion represents the commencement of the evaluation of a solid and cordial relationship between our two peoples. The decision to establish an Honorary Consulate in Liberia is symbolic of the enduring relationship between our two countries and peoples in the midst of the common economic and development challenges that we continue to respectively encounter. It is a physical declaration and a clear manifestation that Ukraine wants to have a significant presence and make more meaningful and direct contributions here in Liberia.”

He said Liberia is hopeful that the relationship will be evidentially present and that Ukrainian policies in the region will be more responsive to the developmental needs that will be a boon to the development of Liberia.

Consul General Oniyama is of the conviction that much can be accomplished through collaborative efforts while contemplating a future with hope for a better day.

The businessman now diplomat, wants both countries to work in closed and creative harmony  in exploring new vistas and opportunities as well as building a network of activities that will strengthen the bilateral relationship between the  two countries in the area of trade and preferential market access for products, enhancing educational  and cultural exchanges.

“It is my distinguished honor to commend the government of Ukraine for the trust and confidence reposed in me to represent Ukraine in Liberia as Honorary Consul.”

“I assure President Petro Porochenko, the Government and People  of Ukraine, through the Foreign Minister, Pavlo Anatoliyovych Klimkin, the Prime Minister, Volodymayr Groysman, that I will  continue to provide all the necessary cooperation and support to ensure the success of the Honorary  Consular Mission here in Liberia,” he affirmed.

Speaking on behalf of the government of Liberia, Acting Foreign Minister B. Elias Shoniyin, said the Government of Liberia is delighted with the renewed of the relation with Ukraine, which is a sign the government is making great effort in its relationship with other countries.

He said the Government of President George Weah is opened to working with Ukraine for the development of Liberia.

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