Donor Countries Say They Are Uneasy, Terming GoL Borrowing Initiative As ‘Negative’ – Report

Letter circulating on social media said to be from international donors and reportedly addressed to the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah noting that nine foreign embassies accredited the Liberian capital, Monrovia are reportedly said their respective governments are expressing apprehension over the usage of funds borrowed by the CDC led government terming it as confidence damaged.

The letter which is been widely circulated on social media said the governments of the Federal Republic of Germany, Norway, the United States of America,  France, Japan, Great Britain and the Northern Ireland noted that, “We regret to bring to your attention of a copy of the attached letter, which was sent by members of your government to the Central bank of Liberia designating funding to be removed temporarily from a variety of accounts associated with donors programs. While some partners have been aware of particular accounts from which funding had been removed for purposes other than those that were intended and agreed, and have been addressing the issue of a greater scale of irregular withdrawals than was previously and collectively know.”

The letter further indicated that donors partners were considering integrity of their funding, stressing, “In light of this finding, the donor partners are obligated to consider the integrity of the funding that our governments have allocated for Liberian assistance programs and ways to protect it going forward. The so-call  borrowing Initiative, damages donor confidence in your government’s use of donor resources and in its ability to serve as an effective partner on development programs. We are apprehensive about the potential negative impact that such conduct may have on assistance levels to Liberia overall,” the letter continued.

“We appreciate your understanding of our concerns and your prompt action to ensure that any funding that has been removed from donor accounts for expenditures outside of agreed uses is restored without delay and that such unacceptable practices cease immediately. We welcome the opportunity to discuss this serious issue with you”, the letter concluded.

The purported letter was signed by H. E. Helene Cave, Head of Delegation-Ambassador, EU delegation to Liberia; H. E. Catherine Campbell, Ambassador, Embassy of Ireland; and H.E. Ingrid Watterqvist, Embassy of Sweden.

Other signing the purported letter include: Me. Ginger Plambeck, Charge d’ Affairs, Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany, H. E. Gunnar Andreas Holm, Ambassador Royal Norwegian Embassy, H.E. Christine Elder, Ambassador, Embassy of the United states of America, H.E. Terence Willis, Ambassador, Embassy of France, H. E. Tdutomu Himeno, Ambassador, Embassy of Japan and H. E. David Belgrove, Ambassador, Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Even though the purported which is questionable, did not carried a date, is in no different from recent concerns expressed by the head of the United Nations Operations in Liberia.

There has been no immediate response from the government of Liberia over this purported letter surfacing on social media late this afternoon.

Detail will followed in our subsequent posting.

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