‘Doing Business Nowadays In Liberia Is Indeed Dishearten’ –Lebanese Businessman Voiced Out Frustration

The City of Monrovia, one of Africa’s oldest cities

Making his final preparation to depart Liberia for another trade expedition but in a very disappointing disposition, a Lebanese businessman and owner of a renowned fast food center (Restaurant) in central Monrovia said he is disheartened to leave Liberia for Sierra Leone to start a new venture.

Ahmed, who said he could not give his full name for fear of any reprisal from anyone due to his departure from the country for Sierra Leone to start another business venture, told the GNN that his over 50 plus years in Liberia as a successful businessman has eroded under this current regime which he described as ‘Unfriendly’ regime for business growth.

“My family and I have resolved to close down our restaurant which has been in operation for over five  decades, is now falling apart due to the lack of a conducive business climate under this administration of the CDC-led government. I am taking my family to Sierra Lone to start a new business, where I feel that that country will be better place for me and my family,” Ahmed who could not withhold his tears, in a chat with GNN,  said.

Ahmed is among several others including some of the renowned owners of Supermarkets who have since resolved to close down their businesses in Monrovia and its environs, blaming their action on bad business climate under this regime, and further prayed that one of these days Liberia will rise again as a friendly business climate where businesses will flourish like yesteryears.

Over the past months, dozens of businesses have closed down due to the unbearable situation being faced with, especially the skyrocketing of the exchange rate which is gradually climbing by the day when in fact noting is been said as to how such situation could be addressed by the leadership, wondering as to where Liberia is leading to.

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