‘Do Not Use State Security Against Peaceful Citizens’ – US Based Liberian Warns Gov’t

Mr. James Momoh

A Liberian residing in the United States is calling on the government of Liberia to desist from any attempt to use the force of arms to prevent the pending June 7th peaceful assembly organized by the Council of Patriots (COP).

James Momoh said the Liberia National Police and the Armed Forces of Liberia were created by the act of the national legislature to protect the lives and properties of Liberians, and any attempt to muffle the June 7th assembly will be against the objectives for which the national police and army was formulated.

The former adjunct faculty of the African Center for Strategic Studies made the statement during an interview with our reporter from the United States, noting that  the constitution of Liberia guarantees all citizens the right to peaceful assembly as such.

Therefore, at such Liberians must be provided the protection by the government of Liberia in exercising their constitutional rights as they gathered to petition their government. Stressing, ‘This is not the first peaceful assembly of Liberians since the election of president Weah, and it sounds absurd that some Liberians are expressing fear that the June 7th citizens assembly will be a threat to national security and violent’.

Momoh said the demands by the Council of Patriots is a reflection of what is unfolding in Liberia since a former soccer star was elected as president of Liberia. ‘Liberians are suffering more than ever before, this is unacceptable, Weah was elected to alleviate the level of poverty in the country, sadly he opted to transforming his personal life rather than the lives of the people of Liberia.’

This was the beginning the president Weah nightmare, Momoh added. Momoh admonished members of the Liberia security sector to ensure that professionalism is exhibited during the assembly of peaceful Liberians, adding that the leadership of the National Police and the Armed Forces of Liberia will be held accountable if a single life is lost during the peaceful assembly.

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