Dissecting The Oration – Part One

BY: Samuel Worzie |

Mr. Samuel Worzie, Assistant Minister at the Ministry of Information

It’s been exactly fourteen days since Liberia’s 171st Independent day message was delivered by the country’s minister of Finance & Development Planning (MFDP), Samuel Tweah.

Back home, diverse views have being express from different quarters of the Liberian Society with varying perspectives based upon maybe political interest or intellectual understanding of the subject matter.

On the early morning of July 26, 2018, thousands of excited Liberians trooped onto the grounds of the Centennial Memorial Pavilion, the official venue selected for the Oration of 2018 Independence Day message. As part of formalities guiding the commemoration; the Chief of Protocols of Liberia Rev. Jarvis Witherspoon pad behind the VIP podium citteutatively announcing the arrival of hundreds of serious minded international dignitaries who had come to celebrate the Liberian people.

On the other side of the coin, Foreign Minister Milton G. Finley was seen promptly ushering in high level profile diplomats onto the VIP stage in keeping with protocol. The jammed filled hall comprising of government officials, local and foreign entrepreneurs, diplomats and other stakeholders was a scene of euphoria that could easily explain the peace of the day and the seriousness employed by the entire nation commemoration of Liberia at 171.

The relevance of the occasion and the endorsement exemplified by foreign partners spoke volume to the quality of the confidence reposed in the Presidency of H. E. George Manneh Weah.

It can be recalled that before the Nation commenced the program marking the official commemoration of Liberia @ 171, some members of the opposition bloc bend on undermining the current peace and security of Liberia unsuccessfully attempted to influence the decision of the population not to celebrate the occasion. Most of their plans were initiated through inexperienced student leaders who are still struggling to interpret student based enthusiastic philosophical radicalism mindset to real time political definitions, as well as channels organized to bring the populist Government of President Weah to public disrepute.

These people criticize everything the regime does, including the hoisting of the country’s flag in strategic locations in and around the Nation’s Capital.

Liberia @ 171 brought together for the first time, since the 1940s, recent past President Madame Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, Sr. and unaccountable number of former government officials – many of whom are still part of the former ruling political institution (the Unity Party).

For a nation gradually sailing out of a dark past of civil upheavals, the convergence of leaders of the Congress for Democratic Change, by extension, Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and other political pundits gracing the celebration of the Nation’s Day means a lot to the level of maturity of the future of Democracy in Liberia.

It means that Liberians have reached national consensus to put the past behind them and forge ahead in unity to rebuild the Nation in an unprecedented way.

Liberia at 171 Independence Day’s Orator Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel D. Tweh, Jr. spoke extemporaneously to the Nation in a relatively zealous way.

His speech did not get so much commendation from traditional Liberian politicians of the Old-Order because he spoke of the unimaginable abuse of opportunities of their era.

By historicizing our existence as a nation and people, we can recall thatbetween1948 – 1990, and 2005 – 2017, enormous efforts were exerted by bilateral partners like the United States, European Union and affiliates, the African Union, ECOWAS and the People’s Republic of China to strengthened economic and political governance in Liberia.

It is inarguably cleared that although, about Twenty Four men and women have occupied the Liberian Presidency, Liberia as a nation isyet unable to give social and economic justice to the vast majority of the people that’s why, it is noteworthy to agree with orator Tweah, that the difficult task now rest on the populist government of H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah.

Notwithstanding, the national drive of bravery and dedication to overwhelmed the fears of a nation with past tragedies remains a key tool in the arm of President George Manneh Weah as he smartly and ably steers the ship of Affairs of the state in spite of the mountains of woes his leadership inherited.

As we steadily dissect the oration, it is important to commend the orator for speaking truth to power and for clearly proffering some of the finest and practical recommendations for the sustainability of Liberia’s political peace, economic security and infrastructural development.

It would be a fair analogy to say that the ambition that drove the founding of the Liberian state sprout from a belief and determination tosecure a just and equal society following years of fierce interaction with bands of brave tribal warriors. As the republic turns 171, the Liberian people are optimistic and dedicated to renewing that Ambition that drove the founding of the state.

A dawned of governance bore out of the masses of people quest for political,social and economic justice have come to the shores of Africa’s first independent nation.

Liberians at home continue to live in peace and security while conscious of the valor, bravery and ambition of the founding fathers, being supportive of the actualization of President George Manneh Weah’s pro-poor agenda.

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