Did President Weah Actually Leave Liberia With $1.5M For Morocco, Other Trips?

Amid hardship in Liberia with civil servants’ are yet to receive their monthly salaries on time, the social media during the last few days have been flooded with unconfirmed report that the Liberian leader, President George Manneh has reportedly allocated $1.5 Million United States for his trip abroad as there seems to be more questions than answers regarding this.

A U.S. based online platform, The Issue 101th Room Edition with Volcano Shelton and Moses Sandy pondered over the report, also speculated that the Liberian leader allegedly left Liberia with $1.5 million United States Dollars of taxpayers’ money to finance his trip.

According to the report, the President Weah and his delegation will be away for nearly seven weeks in Morocco, the Middle East, Europe, and the US, and will also use his trip to watch his son Timothy Weah feature in the World Cup for the US in Qatar in a few weeks from now.

Following this podcast, our staff in order to verify said information, made it prudent to contact both the Minister of Information, Mr. Ledgerhood Julius Rennie, and the Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Mr. Smith Toby did not materialize.

With the quest of getting both online to verify this report, both  officials’ phone lines rang endlessly without response, and never bother to call back.

Recently Nimba County District 8 Representative, Larry P. Younquoi questioned the rational of the Liberia leader, President George Weah absence from the country, noting that it has some security implication for him to be away for that long, a situation he said is worrisome.

Investigation continues

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