Did Nimba County Superintendent Validate US$9K Bribe?

From Musa Moore Sherman | GNN Correspondent | Nimba County |

L/R: Nimba County Superintendent and the businessman Odecious Karnue

Report circulating in Nimba County and its environs indicating that a prominent son of the County, David Mentuah has accused a businessman Odecious Karnue, who is affectionately call ‘God’s Willing’ of giving the amount of US$9,000.00 to him to be named on the County’s Sports Steering Committee.

According to our Correspondent, this allegation did not go down well with Businessman Odecious Karnue who on last Thursday, July 9, 2020 threatened a court action on David Mentuah to prove his allegation.

But amazingly on last Saturday the Superintendent of the Nimba, Nelson Korquoi who also spoke on the issue reaffirmed the decision by appointing Businessman Odecious Karnue as Chairman of the County Steering Committee on Sports, calling on him to head all sporting activities scheduled for the next county meet.

The decision by the Superintendent to appoint Karnue has greeted with contrary views, with many reacting, noting that the appointment of Mr. Karnue was been marred reactions that the Superintendent has allegedly received US$9,000.00 for the appointment of Mr. Karnue.

The superintendent speaking to reporters regarding the allegation declined to comment, but rather noted it is his prerogative to appoint anyone who is qualify to do the job as been authorized by the Liberian leader who is employer.

Investigation continues.

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