Did Ex-President Johnson Sirleaf Dish Out US$1M For Boakai’s Election?

Unconfirmed information gathered by the GNN-Liberia has revealed that the former Liberian leader, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in order to melt the hatred which has been between she and her ex-vice president over the years has reportedly been resolved with a  token of US$1,000.000.00 the from   former Liberian leader, allegedly aimed at resolving what was considered as a ‘Bad Blood’ between the two.

The source also hinted that the money in was provided by the ex-president to her former vice president during the runoff election in order to allegedly enhance the work of the rescue team for a smooth ride to the Liberian presidency, it is not however cleared as to the motive of the money.

Effort by a team of GNN-Liberia reporters to verify the information on the reported dished out cash to the Rescue Team of JNB and JKK by the former Liberian president did not materialize, as sources closed to both the Rescue Team and the former Liberian leader, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf remained tight lip; refusing to confirm or to deny the report.

Prior to the October 10 2023 general and presidential elections and the subsequent November 16, 2023 presidential runoff election that made President George Manneh Weah to concede defeat, the former Liberian President, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who many political analysts described as political Lionel Messi has been bittered with her ex-vice president, following a statement made by her former vice president, Joseph Nyumah Boakia of her prosecution if he wins Liberia’s presidency.

This statement, according to political observers and analysts did not go down well with the former Liberian leader, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who in return vowed to deny her former vice president the country’s presidency, and further voted against him during the 2017 election despite numerous calls by ECOWAS leaders to allow her former vice president to win the presidency.

With her determination for the fight, the former president in her quest to overly play the game for Boakai not to succeed for the presidency, Madam reportedly did she could to deny him the presidency by putting her political weight behind the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) for the election of President George Weah.

With this unconfirmed report gathered by this outlet, that the former president personally provided US$1,000,000.00 to the Unity Party (UP) Rescue Team to win the presidency during the runoff election has created more questions than answers, as to what led to this kind gesture of the former president.

Efforts are underway by staff of the GNN-Liberia to do more enquires about this report as to its factuality, and why this happened.

Investigation continues

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  1. James FIREMAN says

    This is complete lie. She didn’t offer a dime.

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    Hi gnnliberia.com administrator, Your posts are always well-referenced and credible.

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