Diane Abbott CAR CRASH interview: ‘When would Labour back military action?’ ‘World War 2’


(UK Express Online) –  Diane Abbott has called for a UN investigation into the alleged chemical weapon attack in the Syrian city of Douma on Saturday, despite Russia vetoing such a measure earlier on the UN Security Council earlier in the week.

In a car-crash interview on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, the Shadow Home Secretary insisted that the UK should not engage in any bombing missions until an “independent investigation” could be conducted.

She said: “The use of chemical weapons is horrific. But first of all, we need to get the evidence.

“That’s why we’re calling for an independent, UN-led investigation of the horrific chemical weapons attacks.”

Pressed by host Nick Robinson on what evidence would satisfy Labour, Abbott said: “Let’s see what the inspectors come up with. The US Defence Secretary’s saying we don’t have all the evidence. At the moment, even in the US, there’s the understanding that we don’t have all the evidence.”

After being repeatedly asked in what circumstances Labour would support military intervention, the only example she could offer was World War 2.

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