“Diabetes Is a Silence Killer in Liberia”, U.S. Based Liberian Assert

Mr. James Momo

The founder of the Liberia Diabetes Center located on Front Street in Monrovia, is calling on Liberians to join the Liberia Diabetes Center in the fight against diabetes in the country. James Momoh made the call recently from the United States during an interview with our reporter. Momoh said the lack of awareness on the disease management and prevention has made diabetes a silence killer that is claiming the lives of innocent Liberians.

Mr. Momoh indicated that the prevalence of diabetes in the country must not be underestimated, as diabetes leads to other health complications.  He said, blindness, impotency, birth defects, hypertension, cardio vascular disease, and stroke are health complications that are associated with diabetes.  As a global disease, diabetes also accounts for the growing number of deaths and disability, Momoh told our reporter.

He said the prevalence of diabetes in Liberia is link to the lack of awareness and urged Liberians to adopt a healthy lifestyle as hyperglycemia is often developed when people are not eating healthy and ignoring the importance of regular exercise.

He told our reporter that combating diabetes in Liberia requires the participation of all Liberians, by minimizing the intake of consumer products with high sugar content, limiting alcohol intake, and the consumption of carbohydrate. “If people can adopt to these radical lifestyle changes, the death rate that is diabetes related will diminish in the country.

Commenting on the activities of the Liberia Diabetes Center, Momoh told our reporter that the Liberia diabetes center is playing a leading role in the fight against diabetes in the Liberia. He said through the Liberia diabetes center, people with diabetes in the country are having the opportunity to diabetes testing, making diabetes meters and strips accessible and available which was a major problem for people with diabetes in Liberia. “these Liberians could get their sugar monitor regularly due to the lack of testing opportunities or could not afford the cost of getting tested” momoh told our reporter.

Apart from the testing opportunities, Momoh disclosed that the center is also providing nutritional program through its vitamins program which is transforming the lives of people that were severely suffering from the complications of diabetes. The founder of the Liberia Diabetes Center admonished Liberians to take advantage of the opportunities at the Liberia Diabetes Center, adding that diabetes as a disease that can be inherited but also acquired, due to poor eating habits and the lack of exercise. According to Momoh diabetes is a condition that is preventable and manageable if detected.

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