Diabetes Kills One Person Every Eight Seconds – Report Reveals

The founder of the Liberia Diabetes Center located on Front Street in Monrovia has alarmed the prevalence of diabetes in the country that is killing one person every eight seconds globally and causes one million amputations every year.

Mr. James Momoh who is expected in the country shortly for a month-long awareness campaign on the prevention and management of diabetes, made the disclosure during an interview with our reporter from the United States. “We can fight diabetes in Liberia if our people are getting the needed support and awareness on the disease prevention and management.”

Diabetes, commonly known as “sugar sickness” in Liberia, is a condition that impairs the body’s ability to process blood glucose, otherwise known as blood sugar. Momoh told our reporter, that diabetes as an autoimmune disease can be cure through a balanced diet and proper exercise.

Momoh disclosure contradicts the perception of most diabetes specialists, that the disease is not curable, speaking further, on the cure of diabetes, the founder of the Liberia Diabetes Center, told our reporter that the prevalence of diabetes in Liberia is unique, since most of the people in Liberia are suffering from type 2 diabetes, a condition that is preventable, manageable and curable.

“All our people need is a balanced diet and proper exercise, which is the cure to type 2 diabetes.”  Speaking further, Momoh told our reporter that with proper awareness on the disease prevention and management, the lives of thousands of Liberians that are living with diabetes could be prolong.

“No need for our citizens to die prematurely because of diabetes, this what I have being fighting for the last five years through the Liberia Diabetes Center”  On his pending visit to Liberia, he told our reporter that his visit to Liberia is intended to remind Liberians on the need to eat healthy, exercise, and to alert Liberians on the danger of diabetes to human lives. “my engagement in Liberia is about the lives of our citizens, and to provide them the needed resources in managing their medical condition”

According to the founder of the Liberia Diabetes Center, the establishment of the Liberia Diabetes Center has over the last five years contributed to the reduction of  the death  rate that was associated with diabetes in the country. “Most of our citizens are living today because of the Liberia Diabetes Center and  the support that the center is providing to diabetic patients in the county.  Momoh urged Liberians to visit the Liberia Diabetes Center for the support they need in managing their medical.

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