Despite Prayer Warriors Quest To Seek God’s Intervention, Another Set of Skeletons Overwhelm St. Francis School in Maryland County

In less a month when students of the St. Francis Elementary School in Pleebo, Maryland County reportedly encountered what is believed to be human skeletons and caskets in their class rooms which subsequently led many of them o be fainted, while others took to their heels including instructional staff, another incident has reportedly taken place, this time skeletons were seen in the same school’s class room writing on the blackboard.

Flashback: Skeleton being placed in a class room

According to report from the County, several religious groups with their prayer warriors over the last passed weeks have been offering powerful prayers aimed at craving for the immediate intervention of God, but unfortunately this demonic act is still taken place on this identical school (St. Francis Elementary) campus.

The report also said, this time what is believed to be set of skeletons had swamped many of the class rooms writing on blackboards, as those who came across these skeletons immediately fainted, while others including teachers took to their heels running for their lives.

Meanwhile, many callers who called on a local radio station, the OK FM 99.5 in Monrovia urged the traditional council of Liberia to quickly intervene in bringing the situation under control. Report from the county say several religious groups including Catholic Priests are also having a daylong pray on the campus.

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