Despite Justice Ministry’s Warning, “December 30th Protest Will Be Peaceful”, – Rep Yekeh Kolubah Vows

L/R: Representative Yekeh Kolubah, T-Max Jlateh and Philip Wesseh on the  December 2, 2019 50-50 talk show

Appearing on 50-50 local talk show on Sky FM, Monday morning, December 2, 2019, Montserrado County District # 10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah said despite the issuing of a warning by the Ministry of Justice that a permit will not be given to the organizers for the planned ‘Weah Step Down’ protest, because it will not be peaceful, Representative Kolubah said the protest will be peaceful and will be held on time.

He said thousands of Liberians are expected to turned for the protest, noting that the protesters’ quest is find out from the Liberian leader, President George Weah as to what happened to the alleged missing sixteen billion Liberian dollars and the twenty-five million United States dollars mopping exercise that was infused in the Liberian economic by the government.

Speaking about the name of the planned campaign, “Weah Step Down’ protest, which is said to have security implication, Representative Kolubah said the organizers, if necessary the change of the name will be revisited, but stressed, “President Weah will have to tell the Liberian people what happen to the missing sixteen billions Liberian dollars and the twenty-five million United States dollars coupled with the endless suffering of the Liberian people.”

Responding to the Montserrado County lawmaker, many of the callers expressed their support for the planned protest, and also noted that the name, “Weah Step Down” campaign must stand, adding the President has given rise to the suffering of the Liberian people, and further agreed that the name remain.

“We have had enough, it is about time that this country move forward, President Weah must see reason to give way by listening to the Liberian people, the Liberian people are suffering; the President must listen to the cry of his people,” one of the callers addressing himself to the issue on the show said.

Another caller, a Liberian residing in South Korea, Abraham Lincoln, admonished the organizers of the protest who he said are doing so to enrich themselves, stressing that the organizers should be serious, and also called on the arrest of one of the lead organizers, Henry Costa upon his arrival in Liberia.

Journalist Philip Weeseh who served as co-host on the 50-50 talk show said the Liberian government is insensitive to information sharing, adding, “This government lacks information sharing, for instinct the issue of the missing sixteen billions Liberian dollars and the twenty-five million United States dollars,” Mr. Wesseh wondered, further agreed that the Liberian people have the right to protest, but must be peaceful.

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