Despite ‘No Money Syndrome’ Another Senatorial By-Election In Sight

As President George Manneh Weah nominates Cllr. Joseph Nagbe, the current Senator of Sinoe County to replace retired Associate Justice at the Supreme Court of Liberia Justice Philip Z.B. Bank, Liberians are again murmuring of another by-election with the continual complain of the Liberian Government of ‘No Money’.

“Now another by-election is about to take place, despite cry of the CDC-led Government that there is no money; even the National Elections Commission (NEC) during the last Senatorial by-elections complained of the lack of funding for such. We are pondered as to what will again happen for the pending by-election as Senator Nagbe is about to exist the Liberian senate for his preferment as the new Associate Justice to the Supreme of Liberia Bench”, a concerned Liberian who spoke to journalist after President Weah’s nomination of Senator Nagbe.

Already some by-election is about to take place for Montserrado County with the ascendancy of Representative Saah Joseph to the Senate. The million dollar question that is being asked by many Liberians is will there be money for the pending by-election.

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