Deputy Speaker Koffa and members of his entourage at the scene of the tragedy in Totota, Bong County (Credit: Daily Observer)

Deputy Speaker Koffa Visits Totota Disaster Scene, Donates L$945K to hospitalized victims and bereaved families of the tanker explosion disaster

The Deputy Speaker and leading candidate for the Speakership of the 55th National Legislature on Saturday, December 30, led a delegation from the majority bloc of the incoming 55th Legislature to Totota, Bong County—the site of the recent tanker explosion tragedy — to sympathize and identify with the families of the victims, many of whom have already died.

Deputy Speaker J. Fonati Koffa told newsmen upon his arrival in the town that it was important that his team pay an official visit to the people of Totota at such a critical time to sympathize and extend their heartfelt condolences to family members whose loved ones have passed.

“We have come here today to officially sympathize and identify with the people of Totota Bong County and to show support to them,” Koffa said. “We are also here to show support to those explosion victims who are currently undergoing treatment at various health facilities across the country.”

The tragic tanker explosion, which occurred on December 26, has reportedly left more than sixty dead so far. The tanker was conveying thousands of gallons of gasoline to Ganta, Nimba County when it exploded—killing scores and injuring many others in one of the worst disasters in recent times in Liberia. Among the lives claimed by the fire were those of a pregnant woman, her daughter, and her husband.

Koffa said that it is during times like this that Liberians show to the world that they are resilient people who are willing to fight and triumph over challenges.

“It is during times like this that Liberians show the world that we are resilient people; in times like these, we give our all to ensure we overcome situations that have left us devastated,” he said.

The Grand Kru County District 2 Representative, who was accompanied by current lawmakers as well as newly elected lawmakers, donated L$945,000.00 and one hundred bags of rice to families and victims of the community.

Cllr. Koffa donated L$378,198 in addition to the L$378,198 that were presented to both the JFK Memorial Hospital and ELWA Hospital, respectively, to enhance the treatment of hundreds of victims who are being admitted to these facilities.

The Liberian Deputy Speaker asserted that the gruesome loss of lives is a national tragedy, thereby encouraging the citizens of Bong County and Liberia to hold together in solidarity and begin the redemption and healing process. “We are sorry that the incident has happened. We are sorry for the massive, gruesome loss of lives; words are inadequate to express how deeply sorry we feel. Nevertheless, we must heal our community,” Koffa said.

In response, Salala District Representative Hon. Moima Mensah Briggs lauded Koffa as head of the majority bloc of the incoming 55th Legislature for standing with the people of her district, adding that it demonstrates his commitment to a united House of Representatives.

At least 63 people are reported dead and hundreds more are undergoing critical medical treatment after a gasoline tanker exploded in Totota Bong County on December 26, 2023. Health authorities have described the situation as devastating, while thanking Koffa for his initial intervention at the JFK Memorial Hospital, adding that it came at a time they needed it the most.

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