Deputy Speaker ‘JFK’ Confident Of Reelection

Deputy Speaker Jonathan Fonati Koffa is feeling confident about his chances of being reelected as the representative for Grand Kru County electoral District #2. He has garnered significant endorsements from residents in his constituency, making him optimistic about his return to Capitol Hill.

Liberians are poised to go to the polls tomorrow to elect 90 officials—a President, Vice President, 73 Representatives, and 15 senators—out of a population of nearly six million people who will steer the affairs of the state for sets of six and nine years, respectively. An additional 15 Senators are not seeking reelection this year.

As Liberians prepare for the upcoming presidential and legislative elections, Deputy Speaker Koffa, like all of the other candidates, has been actively campaigning for votes in every corner of the country.

However, he believes that his track record of hard work and accomplishments in his district over the years will ensure his victory.

On Friday, October 6, Cllr. Koffa received endorsements from the people of Doeswen and the Nimba Community in Grand Kru County, adding to the endorsements he has received throughout his district in recent weeks.

Expressing his gratitude for these endorsements, Koffa announced plans to commence his formal reelection victory celebration in Doeswen, Bolloh on Wednesday, October 11.

The people of Chengbetee and Weayen have also expressed their intention to reelect him.

Deputy Speaker Koffa’s confidence in his reelection is evident, with reports suggesting that his 2023 campaign launch under the theme “Yes, Re-elect JFK” is resonating well among the people of Grand Kru County.

His numerous developmental initiatives, including the construction of schools, renovation of health centers, provision of financial aid and scholarships, and contribution to infrastructure development, have endeared him to his constituents.

Prior to the Upper Bolloh endorsement, Koffa also received endorsements from other communities and statutory districts such as Buah, Jloh and Kplio.

The people of Upper and Lower Bolloh, including Forpoh, Sasstown and Lower Bolloh also endorsed the Cllr. Koffa’s reelection bid in distinct grand styles.

These recent endorsements are significant, as they represent approximately 82.5% of the communities and registered voters in Deputy Speaker Koffa’s district. This suggests that a large majority, roughly 18,000 out of 22,143 registered individuals, have endorsed his reelection and may vote for him.

In comparison, District #1 in Grand Kru County has approximately 20,000 registered voters.

The National Election Commission’s Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) data reveals the number of registered voters in each of the six statutory districts as follows: Dorbor (Bolloh) 4,385; Kplio (Barclayville) 4,256; Buah 4,059; Forpoh 3,922; Sasstown 3,207; and Jloh 2,304.

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