Deputy Health Minister Proposes Liberia Affordable Care Act.

By: Tokpa Tarnue-

Deputy Health Minister and Chief Medical Officer of Liberia Dr. Francis Keteh

VOINJAMA, Deputy Health Minister and Chief Medical Officer of Liberia Dr. Francis Keteh has underscored the need for the formulation of a Liberia Affordable Care Act which when pass into law will be name aka Weahcare.

According to Dr. Keteh, the formulation and subsequent passage of such law as a country will address the current health challenges as a country.

Serving as guest speaker on December 3rd, 2021 during the official launch of a Drug Revolving Drive at the Tellewoyan Memorial Hospital in Voinjama, Lofa County, the deputy health minister indicated that the issue of Free Health Care began to take roots immediately after the Liberian war and that there have been no policy that mandates or clearly stipulates the process and procedures for a Free Healthcare as a country.

He said there were many national and international organizations that prioritized healthcare based on the funding they received from philanthropists and many conscious minded individuals who decided to help the country.

Today, I have come before you to indicate that we are in crisis in the prevision of quality health services to our people

The Chief Medical Officer said as it stands, the Free Health Service as was professed, is costing the Liberian people serious financial hardship that is not directly quantified, and in many instances lead to what he called morbidity and mortality which he said directly put us as a country contrary to the Universal Health Coverage a document which Liberia as a county helped to craft for the World.

He said to address this health crisis, a resolution was drifted and signed during a meeting held in Ganta mandating the ministry of health to formulate actionable plan that would yield to a Revolving Drug Funds and to some degree fees for service.

The Liberia Chief Medical Officer disclosed that since the 2018 meeting, it is Lofa that has taken the bull by the horn beginning with the Kolahun Hospital and now the Tellewoyan Hospital in Voinjama by starting the Revolving Drug Funds process across the country.

He said the steps taken by the people of Lofa is helping the government to help themselves and as such called on other counties across Liberia to see Lofa as the PATHFINDER in the rebirth of the country’s health system.

He wants stakeholders of other county to start plating the mat while sitting on the mat that has been planted by Lofa County

The Liberia Chief Medical Officer in conclusion commanded the Liberian Leader H. E. Dr. George Manneh Weah and Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah for the innovation for the wellbeing of the Liberian people.

Launching the system in the county Lofa County Superintendent William Tamba Kamba said his administration remain committed and supportive to improving the county’s health system.

Superintendent Kamba praised the people of Lofa and the hoarding working board of the hospital for the cooperation in ensuring the successful launch of the revolving drug drive system which he said will not only serve the people of Lofa but those from neighboring Guinea and Sierra Leone as well.

According to Superintendent Kamba, modalities are being worked on to ensure the county can raise an amount of ($150,000USD) one hundred fifty thousand United States Dollars for a smooth running of the revolving drug drive at the tellewoyan hospital.

Many have described the launch of the revolving drug drive at the government’s biggest referral hospital in the county is a great relief to citizens of the county especially patience visiting the facility.

Over the years, citizens including patience and caretakers visiting the hospital have being issued prescriptions due to the lack of essential drugs and other medical supplies despite the available work force

This system now means that patience will have to pay a minimum amount for medications at the hospital and funds generated from the sale of the drugs will be used to order more drugs for the facility.

During a fund raising event at the launch in Voinjama a total amount of $10,540 USD and $402,000 LD both physical and pledges

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