Cummings Denies Claim Of Proposing A US$6M Cash To UP Political Leader to Back off

Alexander B. Cummings, Political leader of the ANC

Following widespread rumor in Monrovia and its environs that the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Alexander B. Cummings proposed a Six Million United States Dollars to the political leader of the former Unity Party (UP), Joseph N. Boakai for he (Boakai) in Ghana to back off the presidential race in 2023, the ANC has publicly denied such information.

Speaking on the OK FM morning program in Monrovia on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, Mr. Cummings said he did not meet the Unity Party political leader in Ghana to propose a cash of Six Million United States dollars to the UP political leader to back off, but rather both met in Ghana to discuss issue relating to their political parties.

This latest disclosure by the ANC political leader has publicly put to rest widespread rumor circulating in Monrovia an on the social media that the political leader of the Unity Party had received Six Million United States Dollars from Mr. Cummings to back off the race for the 2023 general and presidential race.

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