Cummings Africa Foundation donates Food items to Maryland County

From E. Varney Kamah | GNN Maryland County Correspondent|

The standard bearer of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Alexander Cummings through the Cummings Africa Foundation has donated 1000 bags of 25KG rice to citizens and residents in the south eastern part of Liberia, particularly in Maryland County.

The CUMMINGS AFRICA FOUNDATION 1000 plus allottement of the bags of rice for the southeast distribution started in Maryland County Monday, June 22, 2020.

The distribution in Maryland County covered the entire three districts, namely Harper, Pleebo, Karluway and Barrobo.

In Harper district,, the foundation has identified with citizens of  Pullah, Middle Town, Little Wlebo, New Harper Bishop Hill and JJ Dosson.

In Pleebo sodoken district, district two the Foundation has identified with the Group of 77(disable) Blind association of Maryland, Pleebo Town, Old Sodoken, New Sodoken, Gedetarbo,Gbolobo,Gbloken, Gbaken,Witehoken,Muslim community, the Friend of Giko and the entire 15 Communties which contian both A andB in Pleebo City.

In district three Karluway, the distribution covered Gbaken, Gbon Karloken, Manolu and Nyeworkon.

In Barrobo other part of district three, the distribution also covered Cavalla, Glofeken,Rock Town and Teaken with River Gee and others  Counties in the southeastern part of Liberia been  further.

During the Presentation of  those items to citizens in the county on behalf of the Cummings Foundation Mr. Eric Wlea Giko, aspirant ving on the Alternative National Congress Maryand ticket, said the distribution of the items was the Foundation now way of identifng with Citizens during this global Covid_19 pandemic.

According to him, the Cummings Foundation promised the people in the County in the time past that they were to made available some rations but the boat that was bring the rations got stocked in Grand Bassa; something which he said has delayed the entire process. “Noting, Glory be to God since the Items are available now in Maryland County for my People, the Cummings Africa Foundation will always be available to help the people of Maryland in such situation like this Covid-19 virus.

He further explained that during this Coronavirus Pandemic Marylanders within its three Political Districts and others parts of the Southeast are in deem need of foods.

“This donation is more symbolic ,even if we have brought two thousands bags of rice for each of you it will not still be enough, we try to show to our people’s  that we are with them during this time of the crisis even thought everybody cannot get it”

Mr.Giko lamented that the Committee established by the Foundation with worked alone with the people to realize the dream of the Foundation.

He also disclosed that towns and Villages in Harper, Pleebo,Barrabo and Karluway that have benefited from the rations will still recieve during the next distribution which is on the way shortly.

Moreover, he said the distribution which have started on Monday June  22,,2020 will continue until all parts of the Counties in the Southeast that yet to receive get completed.

Receiving the rations several beneficiaries  lauded the Cummings Foundation for identifing with Citizens during this Coronavirus pandemic.

According to the group of 77(disable) in Pleebo, Maryland County, the donation is welcome and we are glad to be counted among the others.

Chairman of 77(disable) Victor Wilson said since the COVID -19 outbreak about  three people have indenfied with the disabled community so far.

He said the County Senator J.Gle-bo Brown, the Marylanders in the United States and the Speaker of the 54th Legislature have identified with them.

Mr. Wilson described such favor as blessing and God interest upon them in the County.

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