Criminal Activities Overwhelm 33 Communities In Monrovia; Terrorizing Innocent People

FLASHBACK: Wounded-Notorious-armed-robber-Kesselley-Mulbah-using-crutches (Photo: News Public Trust)

The city of Monrovia, the Liberian capital, and its environs is said to be overwhelmed due to increased criminals activities, a situation that seems to be frightening citizens and foreign residents each night spending sleepless nights in mending their residence and proprieties mostly at night due to the countless criminal activities.

Recent investigation conducted, revealed that 33 communities in Monrovia and its environs have been greatly overwhelmed of daily criminal activities including robberies, hijacking of innocent citizens by criminals who are well armed with dangerous weapons to rob them of their personal belongings, at most cases seriously wounding their victims.

According to the report, the affected communities that are overwhelmed by these criminals and are labeled dangerous to walk at night alone in include Broad Street, Ducor, 20th Street, Monrovia, Chicken Soup Factory Junction, New Georgia Estate Junction, Saye Town, and Bardnersville, Dry Rice Market Junction.

Other communities are Johnsonville Pepper Wluh Town Market, Duport Road Junction, ELWA Junction, GSA Road Junction, Soul Clinic Community, Center Street, Around The Cemetery,  Kardoma Cemetery, Gardnersville, West Point Community, New Kru Town, Logan Town Rice Store, Bardnersville Junction, the 72nd Community, Airfield, Old Folks, Fiamah and 12th Street, Sinkor area.

Also according to the report, other affected communities that are covered by criminal activities include Chocolate City Junction, St. Michael Junction, Caldwell, Rock Hill community, Freeport around CEMENCO, Parker paint junction, FDA junction through mount Barclay, Pepper fish bar junction, Vamoma house, Jallah town, Omega junction, and the Red light area, these communities are considered as the highest reported crime areas.

Despite the presence police depots in these areas, criminals are said to be in full swing in the carrying out of their activities most at nights, while others are performing their criminal activities during broad daylight without been threatened by the presence of state security including the National Police officers.

Meanwhile, residents of these affected areas are calling on state security including the Liberia National police to double their professional efforts in tracking down these criminals who have resolved to terrorize innocent citizens and our foreign residents.

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