Court orders Police Inspector General Arrest

By Comfort M. Johnson

Police Chief, Patrick Sudue

(LINA) – The Civil Law Court “B” has immediately ordered the arrest of the Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue to be brought before Court, for his alleged failure to comply with the Court order.

According to the court arrest, the Police IG is interfering with the Modern Development and Management Corporation (MDMC) property which they filed an action of ejectment against Twelve men.

The court document also stated that the Police IG ordered it men to serve a stop ordered on the construction of MDMC work, which the Court is concern about, and want police IG to provide original document to said effect.

The arrest indicated, you are hereby commanded to arrest the living body of Police IG Patrick Sudue and him brought before the six judicial circuit civil law court “B” republic of Liberia sitting in its December Term AD. 2022.

If” arrested after working hours he should be kept in any police  custody until the next working hours to be brought forthwith before his honorable court immediately upon his arrest to show cause if any, why he should not be held in contempt of court for his failure to comply with the court’s order.

You are further commanded to arrest the above named defendant and have him brought forward before before this court and filed in your returns to the writ of arrest as to the manner and form of it’s service and filed same in my office immediately upon exciting this court’s order of arrest.

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