Court Orders Eight Ivoirians Extradited

The Monrovia City Court has ordered the Government of Liberia to extradite eight Ivoirians accused of committing war crimes in their country to face prosecution.

The men allegedly crossed into Liberia after committing the crimes during the 2010-2011 post-election crises in Cote d’Ivoire, an accusation they have repeatedly denied during their five-year hearings.

The defendants were in August 2012 arrested by the Joint Security assigned at the border of Liberia and La Cote d’Ivoire for their alleged involvement in a cross-border attack against two villages – Para and the Peken military barracks in Toulepleu – on the Ivorian side of the border.

They allegedly committed rape, arson, murder and theft of property.

The defendants are currently behind bars, while waiting to be extradited to their country.

Handing down the ruling, Magistrate Kennedy Peabody granted the eight Ivoirians extradition to La Cote d’Ivoire where they will face the law.

Magistrate Peabody indicated that there is no showing that the crimes for which they are charged is a political offense, rather same is in conformity with the relevant treaty and the statute law of Liberia.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Peabody has ordered the Sheriff of the Court to  turn over the eight men to the Ministry of Justice and prepare a  certificate of committal issued by the Clerk of Court to be forwarded  to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Ministry of Justice to  have the defendants extradited as requested.

Source: LINA

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