Court Orders APM Terminal To Reinstate 24 Suspended Employees

The Presiding Judge of the National Labour Court, His Honor Chan Chan A. Paygar has ordered the immediate reinstatement of the 24 suspended APM Terminal workers. The Judge has also instructed the Court’s Sheriff to arrest and jail the authorities of APM Terminal upon refusal to obey the Court’s instruction.

Judge Paygar ruling grew out of a Movants Motion filed by the Ministry of Labour against APM Terminal for its failure to honor an Administrative Directive of the Ministry of Labour.

The Ministry in a Movants Motion, move the Honorable Court pursuant to the Decent Work Act, Section 41.6 for Urgent Injunction against APM Terminal (Respondents) for refusing to honor its administrative directive.

The Administrative Directive issued by the Minister of Labour, consistent with its power under the Decent Work Act, directing the AMP Terminal Management to reinstate 24 employees that it has suspended growing out of strike action by the employees, which said directives the management, with callous disregard of the powers and authority of the Government, has failed, neglected and refused to obey.

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