Court Dismisses Charges Against Eight Murder Suspects

(LINA) – The Presiding Judge of Criminal Court “A”, Roosevelt Z. Willie, has granted defense lawyers’ motion to dismiss the case against eight men who were charged for the crime of  murder and negligent homicide.

Judge Willie granted the motion Monday due to the prolong stay of the detainees in prison without due process of law, which is a violation of their constitutional rights.

Four of the men were arrested in September 2007 and detained at the Monrovia Central Prison on charges of murder, while the other four were arrested in November 2010 and incarcerated at the same prison on charges of negligent homicide.

According to the motion filed by defense lawyer Attorney Richard Scott, the defendants have spent over eleven terms of court behind bars and subjected to punishment as if convicted by a court of law, adding that prosecution has neglected to proceed with the case against the defendants without justification.

Attorney Scott further stated that in view of the fact that a dismissal motion has been filed for the failure of prosecution to proceed with the case against the eight men, the court should see reason to grant the motion to dismiss the case against them.

The motion of dismissal for failure on the part of prosecution to proceed with the case was filed and March 26.

Because Prosecution did not interpose no objection to the motion filed by Atty. Scott, Judge Willie has granted the motion and dismissed the charges against the eight men, without prejudice to the start.

He has, accordingly, ordered the Clerk of Court to remove the cases from the docket.

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