Court Detains Suspects In Murder Of Journalist Brown

(LINA) – The prime suspect in the murder of radio and television journalist Tyron Brown and five others were Tuesday charged and sent to the Monrovia City Court which forwarded them to the Monrovia Central Prison pending trial.

The six were arraigned before the Court to answer to the charges levied against them before they were sent to prison.

Prime suspect Jonathan Williams and co-defendants Edwina Youti, Alice Youti, Massa Kennedy, Joana Bracewell and Cesar Kennedy were on April 20 arrested by the Liberia National Police for their alleged connection to the murder of journalist Brown on April 16 at their Du Port Road residence.

Police charged prime suspect Williams with murder; Cesar Kennedy with criminal facilitation to murder and hindering law enforcement along with accomplice Ernest Kermue, who is at-large, while Edwina, Massa, Alice, and Joana have been charged with hindering law enforcement.

The Police charge sheet indicated that on April 16 at about 06.00 hrs the father of the victim, a resident of the Paynesville Du Port Road Community, informed the police that his son, victim Brown, left their Du Port Road home on that night and did not return, until they were notified of the discovery of his unconscious body in the Kingdom Care Community on Du Port Road on April 16 at 04:00 hrs.

The Police charge sheet further stated that on that same day the victim attended a wedding on the Pipeline Road where he did a video recording and later decided to stop at his church, the Christ Embassy, on Du Port Road, where he left his camera bag with the security on duty and went home.

The Police charge sheet further pointed out that after victim Brown arrived home, he received a call, and informed his nephew that he was going to Pipeline Road to return later.

It said, on the same night, the victim appeared in a compound in the Kingdom Care Community which contained two separate apartments where the prime suspect along with his two nieces – Edwina and Alice – lived.

The charge sheet further stated that victim and suspect Edwina were friends, but he was attacked while on a visit to her that night by prime suspect Williams who reportedly stabbed him twice in his left rib, and the left side of his upper back, resulting to his instant death.

The Police charge sheet is quoted as saying that the victim was stabbed to death in the presence of Edwina, Massa, Joana and Alice, the prime suspect’s nieces.

The Police charge sheet further stated after the incident, Edwina, Massa, Joana and Alice elected to hide the information from the police and also refused to turn themselves over to the police for five days before they were arrested.

According to the Police charge sheet, after the victim was stabbed to death, prime suspect Williams called his brother who later drove into the compound with a man eyewitnesses identified as Chris Massaquoi, former Police Director, who called the suspect to discuss the issue secretly.

After the two men left, it was when the suspect placed the victim in his white Infinity jeep with the help of Caesar Kennedy, Ernest Kermue, and Bill and later dumped the body along the Kingdom Care community road.

During police investigation, the suspect admitted to the act, saying that he acted in self-defense.

Meanwhile, the suspects are currently behind bars at the Monrovia Central Prison awaiting court trial.

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