Court Denies GT Bank’s Motion To Drop US$1m Lawsuit For Damages

Ayodeji Bejide, ex-Managing Director, GT Bank Liberia, was allowed by a judge to seek medical care outside Liberia and has yet to return to face charges of aggravated assault.

The Sixth Judicial Circuit Civil Law Court “B” has denied the motion to drop the US$1 million damages for wrong filed by a former staff of the Guarantee Trust Bank (GT Bank), Edward Freeman, who was allegedly assaulted by the former Managing Director of the bank, Ayodeji Bejide, in 2018 while on the job.

On October 2, 2018, victim Freeman instituted an action of damages for wrong against the GT Bank Limited 1st Defendant Ayodeji Bejide seeking damages from the defendant for the injury he sustained as a result of the assault on him by the defendant.

He alleged that he was illegally and wrongfully assaulted by the defendant, former Managing Director Bejide, from which he sustained an injury, and prayed the court to award him general damages of not less than US$1million.

According to Presiding Judge Scheaplor R. Dunbar, under the doctrine of respondent superior, the employer is liable for the wrongful conduct of its employee, if while in the course of normal duty the employee engages in wrongful conduct in the name of the employer and inflicts injury on another person.

“Therefore the doctrine of respondent superior will lie to hold movant liable for the wrongful conduct of 2nd defendant and that any attempt to drop the movant from the case will seriously prejudice respondent’s case,” he said.

Defendant Bejide was on August 28, 2018 taken to court for allegedly assaulting one of his staff, Edward Freeman, during a meeting.

The defendant was granted a medical leave based upon his request to Magistrate Kennedy Peabody to enable him seek medical treatment in Nigeria, but since then the defendant has not returned to answer to the charges levied against him.

According to Magistrate Peabody, the crime committed is a billable offense and a second degree felony which means under Liberian law that he is entitled to file a criminal appearance bond to secure his release, which the defendant did.


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