“Corruption is a Deliberate Act” Says Gongloe

Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe, President, Liberia National Bar Association

Counselor Tiawan Saye Gongloe, National Chairman of the Movement for Justice In Africa or MOJA says corruption is a deliberate act for which excuses should not be granted whenever it is committed by any public official.

He believes that cheating always keeps countries including Liberia backward from improvement like developmental agenda and human development index because lots of people go after lucrative job instead giving services to the people whom they served.

Gongloe stressed that a society without integrity stand to be doom continuously and Liberia is no exception where politicians become humanitarian during election time for vote, but thereafter nothing.

These comments were contained in his given statement when formally launched an annual award in honored of Monsignor Father Robert G. Tikpor, a retired Roman Catholic Priest of the King Zito Catholic Parish located in Paynesville during a programme held Saturday, 10 April in Monrovia.

The ceremony was organized by Grassroots Agency for Social Services or GRASSES a Grand Bassa County based human rights group which has been in the vanguard since 2011.

“Being that corruption is a deliberate act or doing of human being there should not be an excuse by anyone whenever it is committed because positions in public service are meant to render service and not to enrich oneself,” Gongloe noted.

He stated among many things that when people do these things Liberians should not forget about their tomorrow because change is needed, therefore, if we want better Liberia then let follow the example of Father Robert G. Tikpor.

Gongloe then historicized his relationship with the Roman Catholic Priest which date back to 1960s in Tappita, Nimba County northern Liberia where latter headed of the Saint Francis Catholic Mission (Church and School) during those days.

“I am proud to be one of those students of Father Tikpor at St. Francis then. His mental of strength and discipline has made me what I am today and will never forget. God first then he and my parent second,” he reflected.

Also, speaking during the programme were other statesmen like the Movement for Justice In Africa (MOJA’s) founding Chairman, Togba Nah Tipoteh; Finance and Development Planning Ministry’s former Minister, David Farhat, and George Klay Kieh, Dean of the Barbara Jordon Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs, Texas State University in the United States.

Others were Counselor Joseph “Joe” Barkon, Judge of 2nd Judiciary Circuit Court, Grand Bassa County; Rescue Mission’s Pastor Olivia Weah; Emmett Cooper of the Grand Bassa County Ministries Association, and Alopha A. W. Bah of the Grand Bassa County Journalist Association.

Each one mentioned above gave account of their relationships with the Catholic Priest’s work and service to mankind to both local and international which had helped them over the years.

For Togba-Nah Tipoteh, he recounted how Father Tikpor put the interest of others above himself throughout his lifespan before retiring from the priesthood because of poor health few years ago.

He said Tikpor knew his faith well which is “work without faith” is a dead one to the extent that he works within every county in-country as well as outside which speak lauded.

Tipoteh then focused his attention to the recently violence in Maryland County following the mysterious death of young man that solutions were needed to stop the “gboyo” business in the country.

In a short comment, David Farhat, cousin of the Catholic Priest paid tribute to GRASS that named Justice, Peace and Leadership Award in honored of the honoree.

He said Tikpor, 95 now, Saturday occasioned marked the second times to be honored by his people for his services rendered to humanity which remains an in-print in their hearts in their life time.

For George Klay Kieh, who served as guest lecturer during the programme reminded Liberians to give the Roman Catholic Priest his flower he still alive because he was fearless in being bold of speaking the truth to power in his hey days.

He stated that Tikpor struggled by doing the right things in the sight of God because many times look in the faces of the status quo whether in the church or outside and told them the truth about happenings in the country.

Kieh therefore suggested or admonished Liberians to put the interest of the country and its people first and do those things that are right for the growth and development of the country than ever before.

The rest of the honorees like Olivia Weah, Aloha Bah, Joe Barkon, Anthony Tucker, and Emmett Cooper who were also honored for the services to mankind alongside Father Tikpor spokes in similar fashion.

For the organizer, K. M. Barley Togba, Programme Coordinator of the Grassroots Agency for Social Services or GRASS, Liberia said the organization started in 2011 having transitioned from public to private sector to help the people in different way.

He said though from the beginning it was difficult but impossible to advocate for the rights of people including those consider to be marginalized.

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