COP Planned July 31st ‘Peaceful’ Protest Turns Sour, As Police, Protesters Clash on Capitol Hill

Police holding the belt stripes of one the arrested protesters – Photo credit: FPA

Today’s protest by the Council of Patriots (COP) turned soured when the scheduled date, July 31, 2019 as the second round of protest to compel the government to meet up with its demands, officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) clashed with the protesters.

The Wednesday, July 31st protest had been pushed forward from July 24, two days before Liberia’s 172nd Independence Day.

In the early morning hours, officers mainly of the Executive Protection Services (EPS), setup a blockage, allowing only vehicles to pass.

The EPS personnel denied anyone who was without an identification card from using the main rift from the Capitol Hill leading toward the Executive Mansion.

Some of the protesters carrying posters tried to force their way through but were prevented by the elite Presidential guards.

The officers sent for reinforcement and they managed to push the protesters back to the Ministry of Mines and Energy.

The protesters resisted being cleared off the main road and this sparked the clashes between them and the riot police officers.

Many persons got injured as stones flew from all directions. Some of the protesters were arrested by the LNP.

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