Continuous Accidents By GVL Trucks’ Drivers Rattled County Residents

From Boakai B Kamara/ GNN Sinoe County Correspondent 0880020838/0776121133|

In the wake of a distressing surge in a fatal accident plaguing by Golden Veroleum Liberia trucks in Sinoe County, Citizens are rising their voices in protest demanding urgent action to address the alarm trend.

As Citizens continue to rise eyebrow on devastating situation by vehicles in the county, Mr. Victor Sundaye Jr, an archivist in the county mentioned that with each passing day, the toll of lives lost to accidents by vehicles are continue to mount in  casting a somber shadow over the county, by GVL vehicles.

Archivist Victor Sundaye Jr intimated that 85% of vehicles plowed the streets of Greenville City in the habit of using a single light on their vehicles, that which led to too many deaths rate by vehicles, leaving families grappling with unimaginable grief, while the community at large grapple with feeling of shock and dismay.

The recent surge in truck_ related incidents, has left residents on edge, prompting calls for swift actions from local authorities based on collision, concerns over public safety in putting measures in addressing this alarming trend.

As authorities grapple with the surge in truck accidents, another pressing concern looms large on the county’s roads, alarming to the traffic department of the Liberian National Police Sinoe’s Chapter to implement road safety awareness to avoid to many collisions in the county.

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