Construction of 33 Hand Pumps at US$106,228 Begins — Deputy Speaker Launches “Safe Drinking Project” in Grand Kru

Leroy Maxwell Sonpon

(Barclayville) Thousands of Citizens in Grand Kru County District #2 now have all reason to smile following the breaking of grounds for the Construction of 33 handpumps in 29 Communities in

Representing Deputy Speaker Cllr J Fonati Koffa, the Constituency Coordinator Chris Joboe said the construction of the hand pumps is in fulfillment of Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa promise made during his most recent 45 Communities Tour in the District.

The cost of the 33 hand pumps is US$106,228.

According Chris Joboe the handpumps project will play a significant role in the lives of thousands of Citizens in the the District.

“The construction and installation of this project and other projects by the honorable Deputy Speaker will significantly impact the lives of citizens across the entire District,” Joboe stated.

Coordinator Joboe intoned that the long wait for safe drinking water in the 29 Communities is about to be over–adding that all have been finalized to ensure that project be implemented.

“Cllr Koffa remains the beckon of hope, and whenever he made a promise he always fulfills; I can say for the record he is a leader that cares for his Constituents and the records are there” Coordinator Chris Joboe lamented

Mr. Joboe calls on citizens of District 2 Grand Kru County to rally their supports around Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa and ensure that they take ownership of the hand pumps projects.

According to Joboe it’s is evidently cleared that the monthly wages and salaries of Lawmaker in the 54th Legislature cannot fund a project of such huge financial cost.

“To get this project started, Cllr. Koffa had to go in his own pocket because we are all aware since the inception of this new government there have been no legislative funded project due to financial constraints” Chris stated.

The indoor program of the Ground Breaking Ceremony was held at the Methodist Church in Felorken Harrisville City Grand Kru County.

At the ceremony Coordinator Chris Joboe further averred that the project is in three phases with the first phase expected to target two Statutory Districts which includes Barclayville District and Dorbor District respectively.

In the Barclayville District five Communities are said to be captured in which includes Felorken Harrisville, Small Seen, BeSwen, Topor, Upper Felenken benefiting one handpump each; while in Dorbor District Warkpo, Nyenkupo, kpo, Barforwin and new town benefiting one handpump each.

The Ground Breaking Ceremony was attended by Grand Kru County Superintendent Madam Doris YLATUN who admonished residents to take ownership of the project—describing it as a milestone intervention.

She lauds the Grand Kru County Lawmaker for his developments which is making huge impact in the life of the people he represent.

Following the end of the Ground Breaking Ceremony, citizens of Felorken appreciated Cllr. Koffa for hearing their cry. According to them, for too long they have struggled to have access to safe drinking water and have long waited to such moment.

Some lamented that they had to fetch water from long distances and in most cases the water they fetch is not safe for drinking.

“We have suffered. Yes, we get water from far places and the it is dangerous for our health” Annie Gray mother of two lamented

The 33 hand pumps will be constructed by a local construction company named KRF based in Barclayville.

Pundits believe that the deputy speaker decision to use a local company in Barclayville is also a mean of empowering the local economy.

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