Commerce Ministry Launches Website On Business Sector

Commerce Minister Wilson K. Tarpeh

Commerce Minister Wilson K. Tarpeh is  encouraging local entrepreneurs and foreign investors to take  advantage of the new website launched by the Ministry of Commerce and  Industry to enable them access general information about the Liberia’s  business sector.

The “one-stop-shop” website is, and is expected  to be managed by the Swedish National Board of Trade until 2020 before  being turned over to the Foreign Trade Division of Liberia’s Commerce  Ministry.

Min. Tarpeh told the gathering at the launch on Friday in Monrovia  that the initiative was the idea of the Ministry of Commerce and the  Government of Sweden with the aim to promote transparency in doing  business in Liberia.

“We will continue to update and improve the website. And as general  format, we will include useful information that will enable the   public, mainly those desirous of coming to Liberia and wanting to know   what the environment looks like in terms of regulation,” said Min.  Tarpeh.

He said achieving such goal was a major concern raised by the World  Trade Organization and the World Bank Group, calling it a centralized  information source as recommended by a study.

The two global institutions, according to Min. Tarpeh, continue to be  very supportive in achieving such a “milestone”.

In remarks, acting Information Minister Daniel Gayedyu, Jr, described  the introduction of the e-portal as a breakthrough that will advance  transparency in the business sector.

“When people know exactly what is required of them; they feel safe and  ready to move into Liberia to invest. This initiative will prevent  entrepreneurs or investors from being exploited by some unscrupulous  persons who may be in our rank and files,” he said.

Mr Gayedyu then pledged the Information Ministry’s readiness to use  its necessary platforms to sensitize business people about the website.

Moreover, a representative of the business community, Madam Mai Urey,  lauded the government for making available “such a timely website”.

“We, as business people, know that getting business information is key  in running any business. And this hub or portal that you are just   about implement, in my opinion, is going to be the face of Liberia as  far as investors are concerned,” she said.

Madam Urey hoped that information provided on   would lure tourists to Liberia and that could contribute to economic  growth.

On the website, the public can find information on rules, regulations  and procedures applicable in the Liberian business sector, said  Mattias Karlson of the Swedish National Board of Trade.

Karlson also said that the website will also host information about  tax payment and business registration procedures or any such relevant  links, as part of collaborating with the Liberia Revenue Authority,  the Liberia Business Registry, and other institutions of the Liberian  government, to ease the obstacles experienced by entrepreneurs in  regularizing the paperwork.

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