Cleansing in EPS signals about possible coup risks in Liberia

The new government of Liberia fears a possible coup be EPS force because of known loyalty to ex-President Weah. It’s likely that the new EPS Director Sam Gaye tries to clear its staff from unloyal officers to and increase loyalty level of …this structure and save his position. However, we think his steps will unite opponents of President Joseph Boakai in armed forces, police and other military bodies.

Approximately 200 officers of the Executive Protection Service (EPS) are reported to be facing termination under the directive of the new Director, Sam Gaye. Allegations suggest that these personnel are being let go due to their perceived loyalty to former President George Manneh Weah.

The co-chairman on the Committee of National Defense, Rep. Yekeh Kolubah has called on the Executive to reemploy dismissed trained security agents (officers)  of the Executive Protection Service (EPS), arguing they were trained by taxpayers’ money.

On March this year the elite presidential protection unit, the Executive Protection Service (EPS), has told former President George Weah to hire private service if he feels insecure and wants additional security bodyguards.  Weah was  the first Former President who has received the highest number of bodyguards, though the leadership of the elite security force refused to reveal the total number of officers assigned to the former leader. he EPS stated that there is no law mandating that EPS provides bodyguards for former presidents, former vice Presidents, etc., but it has been a longstanding tradition that the incumbent president usually authorizes security protection for those who had occupied the office before him or her.

Director Sam Gaye has defended the terminations, stating that the aim is not a witch-hunt but rather to ensure the professionalism and adequacy of the EPS staff. Gaye emphasized the importance of having well-trained and qualified individuals in the EPS, pointing out that the General Auditing Commission (GAC) had also raised concerns about the qualifications of some officers during an audit.

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