Clashes Engulf Opposition Unity Party, Several Reportedly Wounded

The campaign headquarters of the opposition Unity Party (UP) in the suburb of Sinkor on Thursday, August 10, 2023 was a scene of bloody clashes with the alleged involvement of some members of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), a situation that reportedly turned chaotic making the presidential candidate of the UP, Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai who was on his way to the area to divert due to the intensity of the clashes.

According to the report, the convoy of the UP Presidential candidate, JNB could not reach to the UP Campaign HQ for the naming of the party’s campaign members amid the ongoing campaign period, but the convoy could not continue as the main Tubman Boulevard was allegedly blocked by people believed to be partisans of the CDC which eventually led him to abandoned his trip to the campaign headquarters of his party.
Several persons were reported wounded. One fellow was just bodily brought from the main road by some UP security guards and supporters after he was reportedly attacked and wounded by the intruding CDCians.

Some of the UP supporters, mainly female, are now being advised to leave the Campaign HQ and flee to safety, while some exuberant UP partisans/supporters are moving towards where the CDCians are said to be coming from in battle-readiness.
From all indications, Farmington Declaration is in serious danger, unfortunately, from the angle of the ruling CDC/Government.

Many journalists who have been here since 11:00 and 12:00 are now leaving in apparent frustration. This is happening after the recent casket parade by CDCians on day of the 2023 campaign.

Anybody who attended President George Weah’s meeting with the media last week would wonder how come the President who appealed to the media to help promote peace and stability during this electioneering period would sit and watch supporters of his party and his reelection bid, inflict wounds on people simply because they don’t take his side.

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