Eugene Tugbeh Nagne Who Fears For His Life

City Police Chief Thomas Garwo Threatens Judiciary Employee’s Life, As Victim Flees To Unknown Location

Some friends and family members of Eugene Tugbe Nagbe, an employee of the judiciary, assigned at the Temple of Justice as warehouse Clerk have alarmed that their relative who allegedly fled his home following life threatening statement issued by the Director of the Monrovia City Police (MCP), Thomas Garwo Jr., who alleged that the victim is having love affairs with his wife.

According to of one the family members who walked into the offices of the GNN-Liberia also disclosed that prior to the fleeing of their relative, Eugene Tugbeh Nagbe, series of text messages were received on his (Eugene Tugbeh Nagbe’s phone allegedly from MCP Chief threatening to kill he Nagbe for allegedly have sexual relationship with his wife whose name was not disclosed.

The Notorious Thomas Garwo, noted for alleged secret killings

“We are afraid of this threat coming from the MCP boss due to his past human rights records assigned with the notorious human rights violator, Mayor of the Monrovia City Corporation (MCC), Jefferson Tamba Koijee, who was sanctioned by the United States Treasury Department for said reason; we scared for his life, furthermore we have not seen him for months”, one of the family members who spoke to our reporter alarmed.

According to GNN investigation, the place of work of the victim at the Judiciary, Temple of Justice Nagbe had not gone to work for weeks, apparently due to the threat issued by Garwo.

Our investigation continues

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