Citizens Action Committee Alarms over attempted Conspiracy to withdraw Mr. Roger Domah Appointment ….. Says He’s best fit for the Job

The Citizens Action Committee (CAC) has expressed grave concern over a planned machinations and conspiracy being devised by some higher-ups within the ruling Unity Party to pressure President Joseph Boakai to withdraw the recent nomination of Mr. Roger Domah.

The Citizens Action Committee is a collaboration of five (5) pro-democracy organizations in Liberia.

Addressing a major news conference over the weekend in Monrovia, the group stressed that some misguided politicians have planned to pressure the Liberian President to withdraw the nomination of Mr. Domah as Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Health.

Since the appointment of the nominee to this position, there has been news of attempted conspiracies and manipulations by certain self-interested individuals close to the presidency seeking his withdrawal from the post.

The head of the group of five, Prince Grandoe said they see this planned action, not only as diabolical and outrageous, but a deliberate attempt to deny a qualified and competent statesman to serve where he is best fit.

According to him, the group is greatly inclined to call on all those behind this planned machinations and conspiracies to immediately desist, as this is not in the interest of the health sector and the country at large.

“We see this action as an attempt to usurp or assume the constitutional powers of the President to appoint, as provided for in Article 54 of the 1986 Liberian Constitution,” Mr. Grandoe stressed.

He noted that Mr. Roger Domah possesses the requisite qualifications, competence and experience to serve as Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Health.

Profiling the nominee, Prince Grandoe averred that Mr. Domah who is a son of Nimba County, is experienced and holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, which equipped him with the needed administrative know-how in public sector governance, human resource and budget management, strategic planning and public policy implementation.

Additionally, Grandoe indicated that the group review of Domah’s essential skills reveals that he holds several papers in leadership, management, organizational behavior and institutional administration.

“Hon. Domah’s experience in the health sector, evident by his job experiences with the John F. Kennedy (JFK) Hospital and Ganta United Methodist Hospital; coupled with his educational background and competence make him a suitable candidate for the position of Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Health,” he said.

The Citizens Action Committee wishes to make it indisputably clear that President Joseph Boakai was in no error to have nominated Roger Domah to this high level administrative position.

Grandee said Domah’s Master’s Degree in Public Administration demonstrates a more direct alignment with the administrative functions required for the role of Deputy Minister for Administration.

He noted that the nominee’s knowledge of public policy and governance, leadership skills and experience in public administration and health sector placed him in a better person to occupy this senior administrative position.

The spokesperson also noted that the nominee is one of the dedicated and committed members of the Unity Party, who vigorously campaigned for the election of President Joseph Boakai.

However, the Citizens Action Committee is calling on President Joseph Boakai not to give credence to attempts and/or plans by some self-centered individuals in pressuring him to withdraw the nominations of Mr. Domah.

The group also called on the Honorable Liberian Senate to unconditionally confirm him as Deputy Minister for Administration at the Ministry of Health.

The Citizens Action Committee (CAC) comprises the Liberians for Democratic Advancement, Movement for the Promotion of Transparency & Good Governance, Independent Civil Society Network of Liberia, North-Central Youths Alliance of Liberia and National Youths Council of Liberia.

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