LIBERIA: Chinese “Sand Mining” In Virginia Undermines Our River” – Residents Complain

Minister of Mines and Energy, Gusley Murray

Chinese sand mining in the Township of Virginia, rural Montserrado County is said to be understanding the St. Paul River while the Township is getting little or nothing from the Chinese company.

Our staff who visited the site of the Chinese sand miners in Virginia on the bank of the St. Paul River observed that the huge draging of sand by the company from the river may have an effect in  the future at the detriment of the citizenry.

According to some residents of the Township, only Five United States Dollars is paid to the Township, while thousands  of  dollars is taken away by the company.

Some of the residents who spoke to our reporters during a tour of the company’s site, on a daily basis dozens of trucks with heavy speed on the narrow road leading to the sand beach.

The company charged $US25.00 per load on a truck, with maximum of five loads per truck at the amount of $US125.00.

“The dragging of sand from this river may seriously undermine the landscape of the river, it is also bothering us who are doing fishing in this river for our livelihood,” a resident of the area speaking to our staff said.

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