Chinese Language School Opens In Liberia

A Chinese teacher giving a lesson to young Tanzanian students. Credit: Claire van den

Over 300 Liberian youths are enrolling at the Hope Chinese International Academy, an institution with a solely Chinese language curriculum, according to proprietor Ramsay Guwar.

Located along Duport Road in Paynesville, the school is the first in Liberia, but its founder says such school has been established in other African countries.

Guwar’s aim is to enable Liberians understand, read, write, and converse in the Chinese language given the rich mutual bilateral relationship and widening trade cooperation subsisting between Liberia and China.

Many Liberians have taken huge interest in doing export-import business to and from China, and the academy wants to break the language barrier as a means of, among other things, boosting the entrepreneurial capacity its students, according to Guwar.

In a radio interview Tuesday, Guwar noted that the Chinese language was equally important for Africans because he said: “I see China as the second largest economy in the world, and more Africans go to do business in China.”

The school will be established in other parts of Liberia beginning next academy year, as a means of expanding the language program to as many interested citizens as possible.

“Hope Chinese International Academy-Liberia runs from the level of daycare to 6th grade. We have also been providing free requirement packages to students who are not embedded within the school fees,” Guwar added.

The free packages given to students, he explained, are copybooks, backpacks, shoes, sneakers, and sets of uniform that serve as a way of helping the parents shoulder some responsibilities.

“I have received no aid from anyone, including the Chinese Embassy. I have written the embassy for support but as yet, I have not received any reply from them,” Guwar said.

At the same time, he hopes that more Liberians will take advantage of learning Chinese as a “great initiative” that will help them advance not only in business, but also academically.


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