Chinese drones in Liberia for geological survey

Two modern drones have been brought into Liberia by the Chinese to conduct a geological survey of the country’s mineral resources.It is under the Liberia-China Geological Project, Liberian Geologist at the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, Gabriel Saydee told journalists on Wednesday.

Saydee said the mapping survey is intended to develop a modern mineral map for Liberia.

The current survey is the final stage of the National Geological Mapping Program under which a physical geophysical survey is being conducted across the country.

The survey which will commence in early March 2018, and completed at the end of May will be conducted with the use of an unmanned ‘drone’ equipped with specialized instruments to pick up magnetic anomalies.

According to Mr. Saydee, samples will be picked up in every river and stream across the country and sent to China to determine their mineral content.

Source: APA

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