China’s Development Check-list for Liberia 2021

As Stated During Speaker Chambers’ Visit to Chinese Ambassador  Ren Yisheng

ü Over Head Bridge Technical Team Coming to Monrovia. 

ü China Union Resuming and Doubling Investment this year. 

ü $1.5 Million Worth of Security Equipment for LNP. 

ü Chinese Power Company Coming to Buchanan. 

ü Two Chinese Companies for Investments in Mining. 

ü 25 Slots for AFL Training in Combat, Logistics, and Meds. 

ü Spare Parts for Engineering Unit of the AFL 

ü Additional One Hundred Motorbikes for LNP, etc. 

ü 51 Scholarships In MSc, PhD in Various Disciplines In Academia

House Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers has paid a courtesy visit to the Ambassador Extraordinary Plenipotentiary of the People’s Republic of China, H.E. Ren Yisheng at the Chinese Embassy near Monrovia. The visit was reciprocity to the previous visit of the Chinese Ambassador to the Capitol Building when he delivered a special message from the Chairman of the Chinese National People’s Congress, Hon. Li Zhanshu, to Speaker Chambers.

During the visit the Speaker lauded the Chinese Government for the level of cooperation between the two Countries describing the bond as a win-win. The Speaker says he is upbeat that China is now a global player and a world power within the international community and applauded the Chinese people and government for their handling of the COVID-19 Pandemic in a record time.

He has however, told the Chinese Ambassador that Liberian looks forward to encouraging more Chinese investors in the Country, the acceleration of projects by the Chinese Government and increase security assistance to Liberia as the Country still grapples with security deficit.  Dr. Chambers asserted that as he presides as Speaker of the 54th Legislature House of Representatives, he looks forward to strengthening ties with the Chinese National People’s Congress for the good of the peoples of Liberia and China.

COVID and Infrastructure

Welcoming Dr. Chambers to the Embassy, Amb. Ren Yisheng told the Speaker that such visit is healthy for the relationship between Liberia and China. Amb. Ren pledged the continual support of the Chinese Government to Liberia and its people. He told the Speaker that the Chinese people appreciate the Liberian people, and all commitment or agreement between the two Governments shall come to fruition. Amb. Ren however regretted the impact of the Pandemic in the world that has slow many things across the globe as in the case with Liberia and China.

But, the Chinese Ambassador says now that the Pandemic is getting under control, his government intends to accelerate all its cooperation around the world. He says as the current engagement with the Government and people of Liberia, the Chinese Government will be dispatching a team of engineers to Liberia in the coming month, and they will be bringing a sketch plan for display and to do some engineering drills of the overhead inter-exchange bridge to be constructed in Monrovia as promised by the Chinese Government to the Liberian Government.


The Ambassador also mentioned that the China Union which is a private investment here in Liberia with concession for the Bong Mines in lower Bong County will be resuming its operations. He says the company intends to double its investment package in Liberia by nearly 100% which will value Billions of  Dollars in Liberia’s Extractive Industries, especially the mining sector.

Ambassador Ren divulged that two additional Chinese companies which have expressed interest to invest in Liberia will be visiting the Country this year to explore the possibilities of investing in the mining sector.

Commenting further on investment, Amb. Ren told the Speaker that a power company from China has expressed interest to invest in the transmission and distribution of electricity in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County that may extend to other cities in the southeast of the Country.


In the area of security, the Ambassador told the Speaker that the Chinese Government has had a long working relationship with the stakeholders in the security sector. He says as part of his government engagements with the Liberia security sector, his government has been an integral partner in the areas of training, logistics, medical and combat training.

The Ambassador says this year; the Chinese Government will increase the slots for specialized security training for the Armed Forces of Liberia AFL, Liberia National Police LNP and other actors in Liberia’s security sector. He said at current, the Chinese Government is putting together a US$1.5Million worth of security equipment and other accessories for the Liberia National Police.

Health and Education

About health and education, Amb. Ren said at current the Chinese Government has completed clinical trials of its locally produced Sinopharm Vaccine to prevent the spread of the COVID-19. He says it is been used on an emergency basis in China and other countries, but it remains the hope of the Chinese Government that Sinopharm Vaccine is approved by the World Health Organization and China looks forward to joining other stakeholders of the world in working to ensure that low-income countries including Liberia gets a good number of dosages to buttress their efforts to contain COVID. Meanwhile, it has been reported a fortnight ago by the World Health Organization WHO that the Chinese Sinopharm Vaccine has met all safety and efficacy for human medication and has therefore been approved.

On the issue of education Amb. Ren says at current the Chinese Government has an ongoing process with education stakeholders in the Country which will result into giving scholarship opportunities to 51 Liberians desirous of higher education for studies in China to acquire MSc and PhD in various disciplines in academia.

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