China refuses to renew press cards for US journalists as media row deepens

Staff from the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Getty Images told restrictions was a ‘reciprocal measure’ after the US limited Chinese media visas

Chinese flag flies behind barbed wire at the Chinese Consulate General in San Francisco – Philip Pacheco/AFP/Getty Images

Chinese authorities have refused to renew the press credentials for at least three reporters for US news organisations based in China, in the latest deterioration of ties between the two countries.

Journalists from the Wall Street Journal, CNN and Getty Images, who have recently attempted to renew their press cards, were told they could not because of recent US measures against China journalists in the US, according to those news organisations and people familiar with the matter.

Instead the journalists were given letters that give them temporary permission to work using their expired press credentials, which are usually valid for one year. Officials indicated that the future of their press cards would depend on whether the White House allows Chinese journalists to continue working in the US.

CNN said that its Beijing-based correspondent, David Culver, an American citizen, was told by Chinese officials that the restriction was a “reciprocal measure” to US decisions to limit visas by Chinese journalists in the US.

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