China officially ends Wuhan lockdown after 76 days

By Zoi Didili | Journalist, New Europe |

People wearing protective face masks walk at a shopping area in Wuhan, China, 06 April 2020.

After 11 weeks of strict lockdown, China will lift some of the confinement measures imposed in Hubei’s capital and epicentre of Coronavirus outbreak, city of Wuhan, on April 8, allowing people to leave the city.

As of Wednesday midnight, Chinese citizens are allowed to enter and exit the city without authorisation, given that they are healthy and that they haven’t been in contact with anyone infected with the virus. A smartphone application that foresees data tracking and government surveillance will ‘guarantee’ that citizens are healthy, as it will be presented to authorities.

China’s Covid-19 cases have been gradually falling for the previous weeks, with the country recording only 3 cases in the past weeks. On Tuesday, China recorded no deaths from the virus, for the first time since January, according to the latest government figures.

Yet, rules on individuals and businesses will remain strict, as citizens are encouraged to stay home and schools remain closed, in a bid to prevent another strong Covid-19 wave. Similarly, prevention measures such as wearing masks and temperature checks will stay in place.

“This day does not mark the final victory,” the ruling Communist Party’s flagship People’s Daily said, according to AP. “At this moment, we still need to remind ourselves that as Wuhan is unblocked, we can be pleased, but we must not relax,” the paper added.

Source: Europe News

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