Children And Grandchildren Of late President Tolbert Host Memorial Services Beginning April 12

By Robert Dixon |

Dr. Richard Tolbert

Children and grandchildren of the fallen officials of the Tolbert era  has disclosed that they will celebrate a   holding memorial services to remember their parents of families of other people who lost their lives during more than a decade of civil war.

It can be recalled that April 12, 1980, when President William Tolbert was overthrown and murdered in a violent coup.

The coup was staged by an indigenous Liberian faction of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) under the command of Master Sergeant Samuel Doe. Following a period of transition Doe ruled the country throughout the 1980s until his murder on 9 September 1990 during the First Liberian Civil War.

Thirteen officials of the True Whig Party government led by William R. Tolbert were displayed on light poles at the Barclay Training Center, and executed by firing squad to the chants of cheering soldiers and civilians.

The junta led by the late Samuel Doe the flowing officials on April 22nd, 1980 including Cyril A. Bright, Joseph J. F. Chesson, Sr., C. Cecil Dennis, Jr., Richard A. Henries, Sr., Charles D. B. King, D. Franklin Neal, Sr., P. Clarence Parker, III, James T. Phillips, Jr., James A. A. Pierre, John W. F. Sherman, Frank J. Stewart, Sr., Frank E. Tolbert, Sr. and E. Reginald Townsend among others..

Speaking in an interview with Reporters at the PALM Grove Commentary on Center Street in Monrovia Dr. Richard Tolbert, Son of the Late Frank Emmanuel Tolbert for President Pro-Temporary of the Liberia Senate call on Liberia never to go to the better past of the Liberian history stressing that violence and its forms will never do Liberia and Liberians any good.

He admonished all Liberia do away with all vices that have the propensity to cause any confusion in the country but advise them to forge unity for the growth and development of the country.

Dr. Tolbert who is also the former chairman of the National Investment Commission (NIC) said memorial service will be held in Bensenville, on April 12 2020 and will also be held in Monrovia. April 22, 2020

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