Chiefs In Western Liberia Probing Bush Cows Attack

Flash back: A ‘Bush Cow’ in readiness

Chiefs in Bomi County have launched a traditional investigation into the recent attack and wounding of a 17 year-old boy by bush cows in Malema forest in the county.

Speaking to the Liberia News Agency in Malema Town, Gorbah Clan, the head of the Traditional Council of Bomi County, Farkamon Samukai, said following a one-day traditional chiefs meeting, they have dispatched hunters into the bush to kill the bush cows in question.

Chief Samukai disclosed that the Chiefs have checked and discovered that the action of the bush cows was “not normal and was traditionally motivated,” hence they have resolved to kill the bush cows.

The Chairman of the Bomi Traditional Council told LINA that over 41 men had been deployed in the Malema forest to search and kill the bush cows.

He added that herbalists from across Bomi County will be joining the hunters as soon as possible to help kill the bush cows in the Malema forest.

Chief Samukai said the Traditional Council of Bomi has spent over L$15,000 to find remedy to the huge number of bush cows in the county.

He assured citizens that the targeted bush cows will be killed, stressing that there will be no mercy for them.

Meanwhile, the Traditional Council Chairman has cautioned citizens of Malema Town and its surroundings to stay away from their farms until the bush cows are killed.

Chief Samukai lamented the manner and form in which the bush cows wounded the 17 year-old boy.

Victim Seakou Sonii, a resident of Malama Town, who had gone in the Malema forest to cut sticks for his mother, was viciously attacked and injured by three bush cows.

He explained that the three animals threw him to the ground and began to chew his legs, inflicting great pain on him.

He was saved by a hunter who had gone in the forest on his regular hunting expedition.

The bush cow is a short-horned buffalo of West Africa which is sometimes regarded as a separate species (Syncerus nanus).


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