Chief Zanzan Karwah, Finally Gives His Life To Christ

Chairman of the National Traditional Council of Liberia, Chief Zanzan Karwah on last Sunday, July 2, 2023 joined hundreds of worshippers to attend service at the Philadelphia Church where it was reported that he has given his life to Jesus Christ as his personal Savor instead of the Country devil.

In 2022, Chief Zanzan Karwah recounted and bragged that he eats ice cream, ride air conditioning cars , fly in planes, and even exercise because he is not immune as a traditional leader as being perceived.

At the church today Chief Zanzan told reporters the enormous and miraculous things God has done for him and his family.

Analysts believe since he has given his life to Christ, he must be replaced because he is now going to be an evangelist or a Preacher man. He has been selected by the Liberian Government to serve as orator of the 176th Independence Day Celebration..

Source: DNLiberia TV

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